Believing Thomas: How I Left the Bahá’í Faith

St. Thomas

St. Thomas touching Christ’s wounds

In honor of St. Thomas Sunday, I would like to share my own special appreciation for him. There is the fact that he was the apostle who brought the Gospel to India. But even more than that, it was his doubting of the bodily resurrection of Christ that enabled me to leave the Bahá’í Faith and become a Christian. Continue reading

Christ’s Tomb (Holy Sepulcher)

SepulcherThis postcard may offer the longest look you can get of Christ’s tomb!  When I went during Holy Week last year it was very busy, so we were allowed to enter in groups of 5 for just a minute or so.  The group would kneel in a line before the tomb and pray.  Orthodox exit the tomb backwards, so as not to turn their backs on it. Continue reading

Great and Holy Friday: You Are Loved

Christ Catches Himself - 5th Station of the CrossThis is the spot where Christ is said to have laid His hand to catch Himself when He stumbled under the weight of the cross.  Countless pilgrims have since laid their own hands here.  The message of Great and Holy Friday is that you are loved beyond measure!

Missing the Holy Land…

Today is Great and Holy Friday.  Last night we had the Passion Vespers, where we read from all four Gospel accounts of the suffering of our Lord and venerated His cross.
Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha will always remind me of the Holy Land.  God is with us everywhere, but I felt so close to Christ’s earthly life while walking those streets and most especially while praying inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Continue reading

Frank Schaeffer: Finding the Ancient, Historical Church

Frank Schaeffer, son of evangelical theologian Francis Schaeffer, explains why he is now Orthodox.  It’s a frank testimony of the spiritual life and wisdom he found in Orthodoxy.

Amazingly, the moderator of this forum, seen in this interview, also became Orthodox!  He explains why in this interview on Ancient Faith Radio.

A Portrait of Jesus Christ

Christ the Bridegroom

The excerpts below have been taken from Indication of the Way Into the Kingdom of Heaven, by St. Innocent of Alaska

What would happen now if Jesus Christ suddenly appeared before us visibly and asked us: “My children, do you love Me for what I have done for you?  And do you feel in your hearts gratitude to Me?”  Who of us would not say: “Yea, Lord, we love and thank Thee”?

But if you love Jesus Christ and consider yourself grateful to Him, will you do what He orders you?  Because whoever loves anyone, and whoever feels grateful, will do everything he can to please his benefactor.  But Jesus Christ wants from you only one thing: namely, He wants you to follow Him into the Kingdom of Heaven… Continue reading